More than any of the other addictions, this one is currently met with the most confusion and skepticism, not unlike alcoholism in the beginning years of AA or more recently the addition of gambling into the field of addiction. I am not an expert and can only speak with the authority of my own experience. I will share with you all of the information I have gathered so far and how I understand it. Below you will also find plenty of resources from experts to help explain this overwhelming compulsion. New entries will be made regularly, so keep coming back!


What sex addiction is not

  • Just being promiscuous
  • A “high sex drive”
  • Being a slut, player, etc.
  • Even really about sex
  • Simply “too much sex”
  • An excuse for "deviant" behavior
  • A problem made up for celebrities to get out of trouble
  • A way people brush off responsibility
  • Something that only affects "seedy" people
  • Going away because we ignore it