So how did I get to be 27 and have very little knowledge of healthy, safe sex? I remember 3 times in life when this information was presented to me. The first was in elementary school when they separated the boys from the girls and explained where babies come from and how puberty would affect us. I vaguely remember sitting uncomfortably through a video of some sort. The second time came in middle school. The only thing I remember from that was this exercise we did in which one person had some kind of powder or something on their hands, but you didn't know who it was. Then everyone went around shaking hands and by the end we saw how many people had the stuff on their hands signifying the spread of STDs. I have no specific memory of getting sex ed info in high school, but I'm pretty certain there was a small section on it in Health class. Only I didn't need any of this info. I was brought up with the idea that you abstain from sex until marriage, so therefore I would never get an STD because my husband would be saving himself for me too. 

Spoiler alert, that didn't happen!

In fact, the opposite became my reality. I came into my sexuality with great shame. I knew I was going to go to Hell because of it and that by having sex with my college boyfriend I had instantly become a terrible, disgusting person. Fortunately he had not been with other people either, so there was a level of safety. Until he started cheating on me without protection that is. Learning about this surely led me to find out as much about sexual health as possible, right? Of course not! Instead I felt as though I had damned myself to Hell for no reason and began sexually acting out in spades. I hated myself and knew God hated me now too. The more I acted out, the worse I felt, the worse I felt, the more I would act out, and so the cycle goes. It truly wasn't until hitting rock bottom for the umpteenth time that I got my wake up call. I began reading everything I could about sexual health and discovered one very frightening thing: I was not alone in my ignorance. In actuality, a lot of the people I spoke with had very little knowledge in this area and, as it turned out, a lot of what they did know was out-dated, inaccurate or straight up mythological. 

People give a lot of reasons why we have so many issues revolving around sex in our country, but I believe it is greatly do to a lack of proper education. On this page I will share with you everything I find that relates to sexual health both mental and physical. I am dedicated to finding sources that are, not only informative, but interesting as well. I hope you enjoy learning about this steamy subject as much as I do. New entries will be made regularly, so keep coming back!

Oh wow! This video is a great place to start. It discusses the problem and offers a hilarious solution. Definitely worth the 27 minutes!