Condoms Condoms Everywhere

As I was at the store getting things for my upcoming trip, I found myself heading to the condom isle. I faced the overwhelming shelves of options and realized two things: 1. I really don't know what most of these are for (ok I understand what they're for but what about all the bells and whistles?) and 2. I don't need to buy condoms; I'm celibate haha! We'll have to get into the psychology of why I habitually thought to pack condoms for travel later. For now, let's wrap our heads around the Magnumtude of options to fit any LifeStyle. 
I've known several men who swore up and down that there was no need for condom sizes. They were convinced it was a marketing scheme thought up by condom companies to sell more products. I didn't want to burst their bubble, but I know firsthand that some just don't fit into the standard size. I'm sure you can guess the condition of those making this argument. Others were confused why the condoms kept breaking. I was annoyed that we had to use condoms at all, but hey that was part of the problem. Condoms feel terrible! But do they have to?
According to these articles, finding the right condom could make all the difference. Knowing what I do now, I am dedicated to keeping it safe in the future. I don't know about you, but if there is info out there that can make protected sex feel as good, or better, than unprotected sex, I definitely want to learn about it!

Rachel Schultz does a great job of breaking down many elements that go into condom purchase and wear: Pick the Perfect Condom for Your Penis
Here is an extensive how-to on choosing and buying the right condom: How to Buy Condoms
Just for good measure, let's throw in The Hard Facts About Condoms as well!

While you're out there do me a favor: Keep it Sexy. Keep it Sassy. And please keep it Safe.

Happy hunting!