So This Exists...


SVAKOM has come out with the world's first vibrator that has a built in camera! What?!?! I had no idea there was a demand for this. 

Some of my favorite features the camera/vibrator boasts: 

  • "No secrets would be hidden from the eye of Siime, not only brings you a feast to the eye, but also make you pay more attention to the health of your private parts whenever you want."
  • It comes in 3 colors, one of which is called "Rational Khaki" 
  • Has hidden lights which "enable her to see clearly even in completely darkness" - yes, the vibrator is being referred to as "her"
  • It has a quiet motor so "you can use it anywhere you want without feeling awkward" - that will certainly make those long bus rides more interesting...
  • Its rechargeable battery allows for "2 hours of continuous pleasure" - I need to reconsider how I spend my free time
  • Organic Orgasm! She is made from "environmentally friendly material" and she is "very refreshing"
  • So where does this video go? Straight to your computer via a USB cord that is plugged in the whole time keeping you tied to your computer. Hmmm... a new kind of bondage?

They say it's what inside that counts. Well, we're about to find out!

Vibration. Pulsation. Visualization. It’s all here with Siime