Staying Mentally Healthy in the Sack

What are we taught in regard to mental and emotional health when it comes to sex? All I can think of is that if you have sex with someone you don’t love it will feel awful and leave you empty. You will be shamed, and the sex will be very shallow. However, I did not find this to always be the case. I had encounters that were very warm and accepting. A few partners who helped me work through some of my sexual trauma. Random one night stands even had positive feelings behind them sometimes. Those experiences gradually debunked the "casual sex is from the devil and will ruin you" argument for me, so now what? Who is supposed to teach us how to stay mentally healthy in the sexual realm and when does that information get presented? I truly don't have the answer for those just learning about the birds and the bees. Fortunately for us adults, there are many great experts who pursue this knowledge specifically!

Here is a great article from Psychology Today that looks at casual sex from a different angle. It definitely spoke loudly to me!

Is Casual Sex Bad for Your Mental Health?