Where My Ladies At?

In recent years studies into pornography addiction have shown the gender gap shrinking. It has become very clear that the problems surrounding sex addiction are certainly not specific to males. The myth that women can not be sex addicts is still alive and well to this day. I have spoken with other female addicts who said they didn't seek treatment for a very long time because they were told women could not be addicted to sex. This idea falls inline with the concept that women do not enjoy sex like men do. By 2015 one would think this myth would have surely died out, but I have found that is not the case. 

I strongly believe the actual number of female sex addicts is very similar to that of men; however, women receive a great deal more shame surrounding the matter. Women are made to think that sex is for men to enjoy and for women to use as leverage. Often finding no other accessible way to be heard, we resort to this lesson that we were brought up on by society. Women are then known for being sneaky and manipulative. And, hey, some of us have been, but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy sex, and it definitely doesn't mean we can't become addicted to it.  I go to recovery meetings each week and am regularly the only girl in the room. Though that is sometimes uncomfortable, what is truly concerning to me is the large number of women who belong in that room and are being kept out by shame. No one should ever be made to feel shameful for seeking help for a problem. It is admirable, and I believe it is our duty to personally rid ourselves of this out-dated prejudice and remove the stigma associated with females and sex addiction.

This extensive article by Ross Rosenberg delves into the emergence of women in the addiction world and brings to light some of the myths that exist within it. He discusses the different categories of sex addict that women often fall into and looks at the disadvantage women are at in regard to research in the field. 

The Emergence of Female Sex Addiction: Understanding Gender Differences