Open Relationships: Open-Minded or Open for Trouble?

One beneficial part of always seeking new partners is that I've gotten to meet lots of different types of people. With each new experience came new insight into lives that were different than my own. I met people who were single and exploring their options, those who were happily coupled and out for a spouse-approved night on the town, those who were happy with their spouse but not their love life, those who were unhappily married and blatantly cheating, and pretty much everyone in between. Which was the best option? I haven't figured that out yet. What I did learn, though, is that there is a whole lot more out there than I was led to believe growing up. So where do I fit in? To be honest, I'm not entirely sure. At this point I have no clue which thoughts and feelings belong to my true self and which have been dictated by my addict self. Obviously the idea of having multiple partners is appealing to my addict, and the notion of stability really speaks to who I am now. Is it possible there is something in between?

Counselor Kathy Labriola gives a objective explanation of this middle ground complete with questions to ask and consequences to consider.

Are You Open to an Alternative Relationship Style?