Unite to Face Addiction

Good morning my friends.

As you wake up and begin your regular Sunday routines, take a moment to breathe, close you're eyes and hold the moment. If you pay attention, you'll notice strange differences in this Sunday. You're coffee will taste a little better. People on the street will be a little friendlier. Today is no ordinary end to the weekend. A great change is coming for our country. It will affect you for the rest of your life. Remember where you are on this day and prepare yourself.

Today the silence ends and is replaced by a joyous uproar. Thousands of people representing millions more join together today, and it's about to get loud!

Never again will we be silenced or shamed.

We are strong. We are determined. We are mighty. We are recovering addicts.

Together we conquer addiction. Together we heal wounds. Together we change the world.

And today we UNITE!