I am so fortunate to daily witness the strength of so many addicts around me! We are more loyal and devoted than any other group of people I've come across. This project is dedicated to educating the world on sex addiction to help create an environment where addicts are embraced with empathy and not silenced with shame. With your help, I know we can lift this project off the ground and provide people with the understanding they need to be sexually healthy and informed.  

Become a member of the suddenly celibate team!

So much more goes into creating a film than most people realize. Below is a list of roles just waiting to be filled by eager, capable addicts:

Accountant – Animation - Associate Producer- Catering – Consultants - Director of Photography – Editor – Financial Donations - Graphics – Interns - Interview Subjects (both on & off screen) – Legal - Marketing - Music - Production Assistants – Public Relations – Researchers - Social Media Administrator- Sound Operator - Volunteers- Web Design - Writers - And More!

If you would like to join the team working to get this documentary made, fill out the form below with information on how you would like to get involved. I will get in touch with you directly as soon as possible.  I really look forward to working together and showing the world just how amazing addicts are!

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